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FAQ's Answered

What happens with Cleaning? 

Leave it as you find it - Please restack the chairs and tables as they were provided (if Hired) and ensure venue is back to clean (Cleaning deposit bond required)


Who Caters?  

You can choose the external caterer of your preference. It’s popular to use food vans and mobile caterers at the Wedgetail for a more festive feel.

Is there a minimum? 

Nope. You can hire the venue as a clean slate and supply all your own things if you want.


Whats included?

The venue will include house lighting (which is already setup to be soft yet festive).

Toilet Facilities

PA for Music. We have a very good system in both the Wren and in the Wedgetail.


What can I hire? 

You can BYO or hire our equipment (Tables, chairs etc) Check out our quoting tool for for options and pricing. Please note that hire items from us are supply only, You'll need to set up the hired items.


Where do we park? 

There is heaps of onsite free parking. If your event has more than 150 people we request that you assist in getting your people to the right places on the day.


Who does the Drinks? 

We can run the bar and sell the drinks under a bar tab or PAYG arrangement or you can operate the drinks service. If you arrange the drinks you need to arrange your own RSA Staff to serve


How late can we stay? 

The Venues are available unit 11:30 on Saturdays and 11pm on Weekdays. This is not negotiable as we welcome your community we note that we are also part of a small community. With this in mind we have committed to them strict noise level cut off time so that we can remain sustainable and maintain a happy relationship with our locals. It’s very important to us.


How late can the music/noise go?

Music finish time Music finish time is 11:00pm Saturdays and 10:30pm other days. This is to allow time after the music for things to wind up. Please make sure you understand that this is not negotiable based on the community engagement mentioned above before you consider booking. There is a Music Bond payable. 


Are we all alone on the day?

No we will have a member of staff attend at various times to assist with technical specifics and to answer questions.



If your numbers are above 180 you’ll need some security (depending on the event) we can help you arrange it.


Do I need insurance? 

Yes, you need to obtain your own One-off Event Public & Products Liability insurance (Normally between $220 and $450)


Rubbish, there is a lot, what happens?

We will provide some bins for you to manage the majority and ask that you make provisions to take the remainder with you.


What next?

If you’ve done a quote online and you’ve read the FAQs it’s time to book a venue tour. There you can ask more specific questions to help you build the best picture. Venue Tour


Want to see our venue?

Come and see the venue! Come for a visit and ask questions at one of our venue tours

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