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folk duo Sam + Rosie play Acoustic Tastings in May

Folk duo Sam + Rosie Harris are siblings with local roots that grow deep. See them performing live at Acoustic Tastings at Goolabri, Friday 10th May at 6pm.

The duo may also be known as two parts of a mischievous band of brothers, sisters and friends known as rumshack.

Sam has been a presence in the local music scene for many years, crossing over between folk, blues, rock and heavier styles with other bands including Little Smoke, MudPuppy and Hence the Testbed.

Rosie performed as lead female vocalist in Rumshack, as well as playing solo gigs at some of Canberra's well known venues.

Their voices blend harmoniously to create a nostalgic soundscape referencing folk, blues and rock tinged with 90's grunge while their storytelling evokes folk fiction.

Sam + Rosie are a musical entity in their own right. They have been songwriting and recording independently through Canberra's own Amberly Studios since 2017. Watch them recording their original song

'Freedom' at Amberly.

You will see them performing live at Acoustic Tastings at The Wren at Goolabri, Friday 10th May 2019, 6pm.

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